Mr. & Mrs. Heron

“When you arrange work to be done via the phone/e-mail and do not know the company/person involved you are always worried if they are a good and honest company. Carebrick are a good and honest company. We arranged for them to install one of their systems into our house. The Installation Engineers arrived and explained everything that was required and put our minds at rest. During their work they found that we could have asbestos in our walls. They came around and explained the problem to us. After talking to the office staff, it was arranged that a sample would be collected a few hours later the same day for delivery to be examined by experts. The sample came back positive, it was arranged that our deposit would be returned. We had not expected our deposit back, which was a real positive. This proves that some companies can be trusted completely. All the office staff, Installation Engineers etc., were all excellent and helped us so much”