Frank & Harm Schrijver


years of experience

Innovative system

CAREBRICK® Damp Control UK Ltd is a small, family run company that specialises in solving problems caused by damp. We are dedicated and committed to helping our customers with their damp problems. With our CAREBRICK® system your damp problems will soon be solved.

After gaining years of knowledge and experience in the field of damp control, Harm Schrijver developed CAREBRICK®, a system that actually removes the moisture from walls with the aid of the natural outside airflow.

Harm Schrijver developed CAREBRICK® to permanently solve problems caused by damp in properties. More and more property owners in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany England and France are choosing this environmentally friendly solution.

CAREBRICK® Damp Control UK Ltd. offers a tailor-made solution for all your damp problems, large or small. A solution that is innovative, professional and simple, with the emphasis on quality, health and environmental care.

We have a team of experienced employees who are ready to solve your damp problem quickly and professionally.



When can you expect results?

The moment that CAREBRICK® is installed, it starts to work. In some cases, the walls will have been absorbing water for many years (tens or even hundreds!) so the first task is to reverse this process and start removing the moisture. Some properties might need repairing before or just as the system is installed. The effectiveness of the Carebrick® system will be hindered in cases where water is penetrating the property due to external defects such as a broken gutter or missing roof tiles.

The structure of the walls (brick, stone, solid or cavity walls) will also affect how quickly the system works. In general, the first results will be achieved in a year, but two to three years is no unusual in the case of solid walls constructed from natural stone.

Results within 24 month
Results within 18 month
Results within 12 month
Results within 6 month