Introducing the System


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      Kick damp out of your home and life for good with the Carebrick Damp Control System

      • Are you tired of damp in your home?
      • Are you concerned about health problems that can be caused/exacerbated by damp?
      • Are you fed up with unsightly looking walls and/or musty smell?
      • Are you concerned about the internal disruption and mess associated with traditional damp proofing?
      • Do you want to get rid of your damp problems once and for all?

      Search no more; you just found a perfect solution to problems caused by damp – the Carebrick System.

      Designed to deal with rising damp, penetrating damp and Condensation

      • Innovative product that removes damp from walls instead of blocking/covering it
      • A natural, chemical free alternative to traditional damp proofing
      • Installed from outside ensuring no internal mess and disruption
      • Permanent solution which comes with a lifetime guarantee on the product
      • Tested, successful and proven method which also comes with a 12 month money back guarantee on the installation

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      Coronavirus Update

      We wish to inform you that we are working to keep our customers and staff safe by minimising the risk of contracting the coronavirus. Please note our damp specialists have been provided with disposable face masks and antibacterial gels which are to be used before, during and after each visit. The visit takes only 45 minutes to one hour and a part of it is carried out from outside.

      Our installations are carried out only from outside. However, during the short contact with the customer (greeting, measuring levels of floors and thickness of walls and paperwork exchange) Installation Engineers are also provided with face masks and antibacterial gels.


      Installed from the outside-absolutely no mess inside your home

      All installation work happens outside, so there’s no mess and no invasion of your home!

      Our System Costs

      Environmentally Friendly

      Our system uses a natural process to remove the excess moisture from your walls. And there are no nasty chemicals to worry about.

      Our System Costs

      Protection for home and your health

      CAREBRICK® is a high quality system that will improve your quality of life and help you avoid health problems associated with damp.

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      Parmanent Solution

      Once fitted, this solution goes on working throughout the lifetime of your home.

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      Sustainable Solution

      It won’t break down, it will carry on removing moisture from your walls forever!

      Our System Costs

      Sustainable saving on your heating costs

      Through a permanently drier indoor climate you can save considerably on your heating costs.

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      Lifetime Guarantee

      CAREBRICK® offers an effective, long-lasting solution to problems caused by damp. We give you a 100% lifetime guarantee on every system we install.

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      Preserve the value of your Home

      CAREBRICK® is a high quality system that will help retain the value of your property. After all, no one wants a home blighted by damp.

      Our System Costs

      Usually installed in one day

      The CAREBRICK® system can usually be installed within one day in almost all cases.

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      and make damp in your home a thing of the past


      “At CAREBRICK®, we believe that everyone deserves to live in a warm, dry and comfortable home. Damp is a miserable problem. It is bad for for your health and reduces the value of your home, for most people their single biggest investment. With 25 years of experience, the CAREBRICK® system is dedicated to defend British homes from the ravages and unpleasantness of damp.”

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