Introducing the System


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    The CAREBRICK® System harnesses nature to help your house breathe again

    Most damp problems are caused by ground water rising up the walls (rising damp), water penetrating through some maintenance defects (penetrating damp) and/or poor ventilation (condensation). Moisture gets trapped in the walls and bulids up to cause unsightly and unhealthy issues such as mould and mildew.

    Most traditional damp proofing methods do not actually remove moisture but cover it or block it in the walls by creating a barrier between the wall and the moisture. This can work for some time but sooner or later the moisture returns or reappears in other places.

    CAREBRICK® is the most effective, permanent and environmentally friendly way to get rid of damp in your home. CAREBRICK® regulates moisture using a natural airflow to reduce the excess moisture content in walls through a process of evaporation.


    Installed from the outside-absolutely no mess inside your home

    All installation work happens outside, so there’s no mess and no invasion of your home!

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    Environmentally Friendly

    Our system uses a natural process to remove the excess moisture from your walls. And there are no nasty chemicals to worry about.

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    Protection for home and your health

    CAREBRICK® is a high quality system that will improve your quality of life and help you avoid health problems associated with damp.

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    Parmanent Solution

    Once fitted, this solution goes on working throughout the lifetime of your home.

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    Sustainable Solution

    It won’t break down, it will carry on removing moisture from your walls forever!

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    Sustainable saving on your heating costs

    Through a permanently drier indoor climate you can save considerably on your heating costs.

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    Lifetime Guarantee

    CAREBRICK® offers an effective, long-lasting solution to problems caused by damp. We give you a 100% lifetime guarantee on every system we install.

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    Preserve the value of your Home

    CAREBRICK® is a high quality system that will help retain the value of your property. After all, no one wants a home blighted by damp.

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    Usually installed in one day

    The CAREBRICK® system can usually be installed within one day in almost all cases.

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    and make damp in your home a thing of the past


    “At CAREBRICK®, we believe that everyone deserves to live in a warm, dry and comfortable home. Damp is a miserable problem. It is bad for for your health and reduces the value of your home, for most people their single biggest investment. With 25 years of experience, the CAREBRICK® system is dedicated to defend British homes from the ravages and unpleasantness of damp.”

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