The CAREBRICK® system

CAREBRICK® is the most effective, permanent and environmentally friendly way to get rid of damp in your home. CAREBRICK® is a moisture-regulating system which consist of an element and (in case of cavity wall) a ceramic tube. The system uses the natural airflow to reduce the excess moisture content in walls through an evaporation process



Harnessing a natural evaporation process

Take a look at the illustrations: Through the opening in the element (1) dry air outside (2) streams into two internal air chambers (3) of the element (4). As the air flows in, the constriction of the aperture causes the pressure to vary between the two chambers. There is an increase in pressure in the first chamber and decrease in the second setting up a constant draught through the system. The element is cooled by the draught and a cold bridge (6) is created. The moisture in the wall (7) and the cavity (8) is naturally drawn to this coldest spot, gathers there and subsequently the moist air (5) is transported outside and removed through the second opening (9). In this process the damp from the inner cavity wall (10) also disappears

Cavity wall
Solid wall



CAREBRICK® elements and their maintenance

We install approximately 2.3 elements per linear metre, approximately just above the internal skirting board level. However, the exact spacing between the elements and the optimum height are always determined during the installation as this can vary depending on the construction of the property and the level of the floors. The system continuously draws the moisture from the walls in which it is installed, depending on wind speed and other weather conditions. Once installed the system is virtually maintenance-free but it’s worth checking once a year that the elements are free of debris. If necessary, the elements can be opened up for cleaning, as required.



How quickly can you expect results?

The moment that CAREBRICK® is installed, it starts to work. In some cases, the walls will have been absorbing water for many years (tens or even hundreds!) so the first task is to reverse this process and start removing the moisture. Some properties might need repairing before or just as the system is installed. The effectiveness of the Carebrick® system will be hindered in cases where water is penetrating the property due to external defects such as a broken gutter or missing roof tiles.

The structure of the walls (brick, stone, solid or cavity walls) will also affect how quickly the system works. In general, the first results will be achieved in a year, but two to three years is no unusual in the case of solid walls constructed from natural stone.

Results within 24 months100%
Results within 18 months80%
Results within 12 months60%
Results within 6 months50%

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